Teknopet is the brainchild of Dave Sampson and his wife Nathalie, who's a mobile Groomer in the West Los Angeles area. Mobile grooming has consumed their life for the past 7 years, building a new business out of nothing to being fully booked within 6 months, starting with a used van with multiple problems, to buying a new van. 

The struggle to get straight answers, competent help and prompt service for van issues has been overwhelming, and it's time to fix that

Dave and Nathalie have been working hard on developing the Teknopet project for the past few years, building a solid business plan, and not only researching the perfect set-up and possibilities, but also taking the pulse of other mobile groomers in the field, listening to their stories, advising them, helping them to solve their issues.

In order to build our unique fiberglass interior, we joined forces with a fantastic team of extremely talented people at Lavey Craft who have decades of experience in the boating/off roading industry. Engineering, designing, manufacturing, servicing, restoring, etc., you name it, they can do it, and do it right. Their work is of the highest quality.

As of Q2 2019, we are still working on the prototype.


Any group is only as good as its team, and Teknopet delivers. Our team has a diverse background and decades of experience in similarly equipped vehicles. Boats, RVs, trailers, toy haulers, and pet grooming vehicles all share common subsystems and components. We can create or repair parts in multiple domains, from wood to fiberglass, and even metal. 

We are all humble and will never pretend that we know everything. We are strong team and love to please. We are starting this new adventure with the best intentions in mind, and we eagerly anticipate your visit!

Here is a brief description of the main players of the Teknopet team:


Dave has extensive experience in corporate, management, sales, software and hardware, and several other business fields. Mechanical hardware wise, Dave grew up half in the city and half on a farm, so he was involved with all types of vehicles. He also has decades of experience with RVs, boats, cars, off road vehicles, and now half a decade of direct hands-on mobile grooming vans; he is very hands-on mechanically.

Dave understands mathematical relations to complex upgrades like inverters, and can convey that information in a straightforward understandable fashion. He also offers solid experience based examples of upgrade return on investments. Dave has been volunteering numerous hours on the grooming forums, assisting groomers new to mobile understand their vehicles and the limitations of inverters, generators and household current, as they relate to running a mobile business. 

Dave was unhappy with his wife’s experiences in the grooming field, and he is assisting her in realizing Teknopet.


After working almost two decades in the corporate world, she made a 180 degree career change. The transition started with being tired of office work, as well as being tired of picking up her dogs at the groomer, with the poor little ones having cuts and looking like a Picasso. 

She opened a grooming salon/pet store in Quebec, and loved the animals, but not the hassle of managing a staff and dealing with real estate, not to mention the boxes and boxes of abandoned puppies and kittens at her doorstep - she decided that mobile was a better choice. 

Funny that Teknopet is starting for similar reasons, when you need something that doesn't exist, you have to do something about it!

Click here to read an article about Nathalie and her mobile business featured in VoyageLA.com magazine.


Ron is an artist, designer, fantastic mechanic and makes haute couture out of fiberglass. He is the creator of the SPR-INNER, our unique fiberglass interior. He hand forms parts that are then made into custom molds. He is an amazing body and paint man, and can repair highly complex paint schemes. Fixing a few dents and scratches on your all white van is easy for him. Ron’s personal vehicles have been winning best of show awards for decades. If we can’t find it and buy it, Ron can probably make it. 


Lavey Craft Motorsports

With almost 70 years of experience in the marine environment, and fiberglass creation/manufacturing, Lavey Craft is a key player in our project development. Their expertise and exceptional craftsmanship are invaluable and putting Teknopet ahead of the competition.


Strive for excellence - listen, learn by doing, succeed by improving, repeat.

Honesty - with our clients and with ourselves.

Go the extra mile - consistently deliver outstanding products and services.

Respect - socially and environmentally responsible.

Fairness - do what's right.

Be remarkable, have fun and embrace the adventure!