New vans are expensive, and old vans reach their limits at some point - then you have to make a decision: buy or restore?

It's pretty amazing how you can fall in love all over again with your existing van, after refreshing everything, and maybe a few upgrades here and there. Teknopet is ready to guide you* with all the possibilities, as well as do the calculations with you whether it's financial and/or the power required to run your equipment.

Increasing your productivity and revenues is one thing, but the process of restoring and upgrading your equipment also directly affect your body and mind's well-being. We all know that mobile grooming is a tough job with long hours, physically hard, so good equipment and environment will help you tremendously stay healthy, and happy.

Because every job is custom as every van is different, here again, we can't promise the impossible and we don't have a package all ready for you, but we promise to address all your issues and come up with the best solution that you can afford.

*At Teknopet, we have your success at heart. We have spent hundreds of hours in the past year, giving phone or email support for free, helping you solve your problems. We are grateful in many ways, because it gave us the chance to really understand the recurring issues in the field, and also allowed us to streamline our offerings. That being said, we are happy to give you some basic support in the future, but we also have to start charging for the extensive support and consultation. Our fee for one on one consultation services is $125 per hour. We have recently added a LOT of technical information on our website, in order to help you figure out many things on your own, and in return, avoid having to pay for consulting fees.


Once our conversion prototype is tested and ready in 2018, we are planning to build some grooming vans for rental, so you can continue working for the duration of your repairs and/or maintenance, which means no loss in business or rescheduling nightmares. All you'll have to do is transfer your towels, shampoos, tools, etc., and drive away.


  • Add/replace air conditioning
  • Furnace
  • Fan and fan covers
  • Refrigerator
  • Lighting systems
  • Porta potty
  • Back-up camera or mirror
  • Complete detailing
  • Floor replacement
  • Add/replace generator
  • Add solar panels
  • Water heater
  • Water pump

  • Bathing system
  • Vacuum
  • ClipperVac
  • Dryer
  • Add inverter/batteries
  • Install watering kit for your existing wet lead acid batteries, and rewire for optimization
  • Repaint the exterior of your van
  • Graphics or wraps (we do not offer the service in house, but we have access to great facilities)


NEW BASEBOARDS in a Wag'n Tails Mercedes Sprinter Van

The original vinyl baseboards and corners from Wag'n Tails are very nice looking when new, but after only 1 year, they had several tears due to the vacuum head hitting them repeatedly, and shoe rubbing against them during grooming sessions. In addition, the silicon joint was way over due. These baseboards had 3 years of wear and tear.

Teknopet installed new baseboards that are completely waterproof and tear proof. That material (Starboard) comes in white, grey and black, and never needs to be changed again. We use high end stainless steel screws that will not rust. This material can be shaped in any size, and the edges are all rounded for safety and beauty.

NEW STORAGE BIN DOORS in a Wag'n Tails Mercedes Sprinter Van

After 3 years of hoses rubbing against the vinyl, it was time to freshen up those covers. Plus, they had several little nicks due to the day to day operation.

They were beautifully reupholstered by Teknopet, with a higher grade material used in high performance boats, completely waterproof. Several choices of colors are available, even a carbon fiber finish like this client opted for. 

NEW SIDE MOLDING on the Outdoor Step of a Wag'n Tails Mercedes Sprinter Van

It is very hard to park in Los Angeles to start with, very little space, narrow streets, lots of trees with low hanging branches, and the curbs are broken, sometimes high and uneven due to earthquakes and tree roots. The side step on the Mercedes Sprinter is very convenient, but very few can avoid scratching them at times on those nasty curbs. Good news, Teknopet can fix them like new ... and very quickly!

This side step was all fixed, looking like new, by Teknopet, and using a higher grade of rubber side molding for longer lasting.

My own little used van story

"Let me tell you, when I bought my used van back in 2011, I had to look really hard at the potential of that van and past all the tons of hair and dirt. A very nice couple had bought a used E250, that used to be a medical equipment transportation vehicle, and rigged it on their own, it was far from a luxurious conversion, but it worked. 

It took me 5 solid days to clean it inside and out. With time, I bought a new K9 II dryer, added some purchased and some homemade storage, changed filters and brushes, made everything as easy to clean as possible, generator maintenance, new tires, engine maintenance, had rust and body dents repaired, fixed bad water pressure, etc. I wish I would have had access to a place like Teknopet, because there is so much I had to figure out by myself, and so many mistakes were made by RV repair facilities.

My biggest issue was the generator. The van came with a Generac with only 4,000 hrs on it, but it was not running right. I didn't know of a trustworthy generator repair place at that time, and the "expert" I went to couldn't figure out how to fix the problem. I sunk more than $1,000 in repairs and the problems were not going away. It was so bad that I couldn't run it, it was literally making loud explosion noises when I first started it in the morning. So, I went to an RV facility and changed the Generac generator for a brand new gas Onan 7000. Well, their "certified" Onan guy (whom I found out later was not) didn't do the installation correctly and that generator never worked great either, well until I found a "real" certified guy in my area who fixed everything just before I sold that van, but that's another story. For two whole months, I ran my business with two portable Honda 2Ks, which meant unloading them and reloading them on board at each client, and I'm not even going to describe the weekly oil change that I had to do on them.

All that painful and stressful year though allowed me to build my business and within 6 months I was fully booked. It also allowed me to secure a solid clientele and enough money to make monthly payments on a new van. Again, I would have benefited tremendously from Teknopet's services and their network of resources, I might have kept that used van much longer."

Nathalie Sampson, Teknotpet