The following places in SoCal are Onan certified and awesome. They also service other brands, but we can't confirm if they are certified for the other brands. In any case, we have personally dealt with these places and we were extremely pleased with their quality of service:

Smith Powerhouse - Bellflower, CA (gas & diesel)

Colton Truck Terminal Garage - Colton, CA (gas & diesel)

Oliphant Equipment Repair - North Hollywood, CA (gas)


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So many times we feel alone with our issues, but in reality there is a whole lot of people going through the same ordeals.

Either you want to get advice, fix a problem or just vent about your day, you can do so by joining thousands of other groomers via PetGroomer.com.

This beautiful grooming community offers support and friendship; it's a wonderful tool that you absolutely need in your grooming tool box!



We cannot insist enough on the importance of having a proper education and training, this will be your base for building a solid career, and therefore success.

Grooming is one of the rare professions that is not yet regulated in most places, but it's coming, we just hope that the right people will make the right decisions.

Dog Grooming Schools

It is impossible for us to give you a list of respectable and accredited grooming schools, so we recommend you contact the National Dog Groomers Association of America and/or the American Kennel Club for guidance. 

Cat Grooming Schools

National Cat Groomers Institute of America