SoCal's first SERVICE & CONVERSION center for mobile groomers.

Taking matters into our own hands.

After years of struggling to get my grooming van maintained, repaired and upgraded, and with my husband living with my despair, we decided to do something about it. There is a huge concentration of mobile groomers in Southern California and the surrounding areas, and I'm sure I'm not the only one with those painful issues.

Recreational Vehicle ("RV") repair facilities are pretty much the only places who can work on mobile grooming vans. Although some were nice and helpful to me through the years, most did not understand the urgency of our issues: When a mobile groomer has a problem, not only do we have to pay to fix the issue, but we also lose revenue when our van is in the shop. Our vans are pretty much set up like an RV, so outside of friends or husbands with time, RV repair facilities are the only places we can rely on at the moment to effect a repair or upgrade the van. RV places are typically accustomed to catering to vacationers who have a lot of time on their hands and generally, these individuals do not use their RVs to generate revenue. Plus, RV repair facilities do not always grasp the full extent of a mobile grooming van set up, and it makes them nervous to try to repair a component, sometimes to the point where they don't really want to do the work at all.

My husband is a very smart man, and right out of the gate, he understands all of the complexities, from wattage to hertz, what will fix what, and he continually researches all of the new technology out there, as he has worked on his own RVs for 30 years. Plus he's been planning for years all aspects of the infrastructure of mobile grooming vans, as well as the business itself. It is now time to make this project happen. We have the luck of having in our life a great team of very successful people in the boat/off roading industry, with several decades of experience in engineering, design, manufacturing, service, repair, restoration, understanding complex RV issues, as well as dealing with many other custom types of equipment. We discussed the detailed issues, and long story short, we will now work together to offer mobile groomers a comprehensive list of services and conversions.

Now, we are starting from zero here, we do not swear to have the answers to everything and that your problems will be fixed magically in a short amount of time; however, what we do promise is that we will listen to you, we will do whatever is humanly possible to address and fix your issues, and do it as quickly as we can. In addition, we don't want to put you in a "box" with limited pre-determined options, we want to help YOU with YOUR problems and deliver customized solutions.

Additionally, we are working on a new van conversion prototype. It will be a working test bed for new technologies and techniques, with comfort, durability and time saving on maintenance as our top priorities. We will be working with fiberglass components, making it sturdier, easier to clean, and easier to maintain, as the fiberglass concept requires very few parts compared to the hundreds of little pieces inside the existing vans that are currently on the market. All those little nooks and crannies catch dirt, nail clippings, dander, hair, etc., making it almost impossible to clean after a while.

Not only will this new van be awesome, but we will also offer it as a rental, so that you can immediately resume working while your vehicle is being worked on. We are planning to have more than one rental at some point, but that will come with time.

We want YOU to grow, we will grow with you and we pledge to make your work life more enjoyable and productive.

We are looking forward to meeting and helping you!

Nathalie Sampson, Teknopet

PS: I will still be grooming full time in the West LA area, so I'll rarely be onsite during the week, but the other Teknopet team members are very happy and ready to take great care of you!

Why go mobile?

The pet industry in the United States has been significantly increasing in the past 20 years, from $17 to $60 billion in 2015, of which $6 billions alone were in grooming and boarding ... and it's still growing! Those numbers clearly indicate that the market is not saturated and there is plenty of opportunities for everybody.

Salon -vs- Mobile:

  • Salons require a considerable investment - mobile is a lot more accessible financially.
  • You have to be present at a salon with fixed opening hours - you can be your own boss and build your own schedule when mobile.
  • It's very hard to get out of a lease if you need/want to get out of the business - it's very easy to sell your van, there are very few available on the used market, that says something.
  • Salons offer a lot of comfort - we are doing our best at Teknopet to build a conversion that will be as convenient and comfortable as if you'd be in a salon, without the financial burden.

You can also charge more money for mobile grooming, at the very least $20 more than the salon price. People love the personal service and convenience, and they are ready to pay for it, especially if you explain that:

  • You have to take time to drive to them.
  • You will focus exclusively on their pet for the whole duration of the grooming.
  • That you have to take time to clean and disinfect before driving to your next client.

Client retention is also easier being mobile!