The pet industry in the United States has been significantly increasing in the past 20 years, from $17 to about $70 billion in 2018, of which $7 billions alone were in grooming and boarding ... and it's still growing to the rate of about 3 billions a year overall. Those numbers clearly indicate that the market is not saturated and there is plenty of opportunities for everybody.

If you ever dreamed of having your own business, going mobile is much more accessible than opening a salon. Here are a few examples of PROs and CONs:

Considerable financial investment needed. Much more accessible financially.
You always have to be present at a salon with fixed opening hours. You are your own boss and can build your own schedule.
It's very hard to break a lease if you need to get out of the business. It's very easy to sell your van, there are very few available on the used market, that says something! They have a great resale value and many people are always looking to buy a used a van.
There are several salons, you have to be very competitive price wise in order to attract clients. Being mobile is a niche, and not only can you charge extra compared to a salon ($20 more at the very least), but people are ready to pay beyond that, because they love personal services and the convenience of having you showing up at their door.
Dogs in cages, cage drying, barking, fear, etc. Undivided attention, calm atmosphere, much reduced risks of disease transmission, etc.
Many clients are not very loyal to salons, because many of them are just looking for the best $ deal. Clients using mobile services usually want the best for their pets, they know that it's an upscale service, and if they like you, they'll be very loyal - client retention is much easier when you're mobile.
A big problem for clients is parking, many salons only offer street parking and it can be hard to get a spot close by - plus, many pets hate car rides. Clients love that they don't have to move a finger, and pets love that they don't have to get in a crate and go for a car ride.
It's nice to have access to all amenities, unlimited water and space. Although space is limited, there is no limit in the equipment you can use, and you get the same comfort a salon can provide - as far as water, as long as you're smart about the way you use it, it shouldn't be an issue.

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